The Lowdown on Loewen Windows

The Lowdown on Loewen Windows

The view from your home should inspire you to go out into the world and accomplish great things. That’s where our windows come in.

After 75 years of working in the construction industry, we’ve found some of the best windows on the market from vendors we trust. You can’t go wrong with any of the wonderful options we have in our showroom and website gallery, but we want to highlight one brand in particular.


Old World Craftsmanship with New World Engineering

Loewen was founded over a century ago. They are a classic window and door manufacturer that blends Old World craftsmanship (no fillers or shortcuts used) with New World engineering, where any shape or configuration you can dream of will go to their design team and custom shop of tenured craftsman to build it. They have pioneered the use of new cladding materials in the Cyprium line by using custom finished copper and bronze exterior cladding over their standard Douglas fir interior to create a line of windows that boggles the mind and is utterly unique. Additionally, their windows are engineered to withstand rain, hail, or shine, keeping homes safe, comfortable, and energy efficient.


Customize Your Windows with Endless Options

Sometimes clients come to us in need of new windows for their historical home. Not a problem. Loewen will custom build windows to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic with cladding, casing, hardware, and treatment options that are all customizable.

Here at Coast, we love supporting businesses that make an avid effort to protect our natural resources. Loewen is a socially responsible corporation that practices environmental stewardship by sourcing from certified forests, recycling and reusing materials, and buying ethically manufactured products, constantly searching for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. We appreciate that a whole lot.



Elevate Your Home

Loewen’s beautiful and luxurious windows speak for themselves. With everything from true octagons to operable by-pass windows, Loewen takes on the challenge and applies modern technology and processes to time-tested products and approaches to make a truly custom production level window and door. At Coast, we want our clients to fall in love with how their windows frame the view they see every day––and they do. Our clients are consistently satisfied with how perfectly Loewen’s high quality and timeless windows fit their home and take it to the next level.



A Window for Every Home

For those of you who aren’t window enthusiasts, let’s walk you through a few of the Loewen windows we carry. One popular choice is the Awning window, which opens out from the bottom, acting as both a ventilator and a rain shield. They are suitable for any style of architecture. Another option is the Picture window, available in any shape and size and designed especially for homes that want to show off the view outside. Loewen’s Double Hung windows are a perfect fit for the traditional North American home and use authentic, luxury-grade hardware that deliver optimal performance. No matter which option you choose, you can count on Loewen to embrace the craftsman spirit by listening to their clients’ dream window configurations or finishes and then shaping wood and glass for clients to see their dreams come to reside in their homes.



We carry an extensive range of Loewen windows in our showroom, so you are always welcome to schedule an appointment with our window specialist who will take the time to walk you through all our options until you find the one you love. Please give us a call to find out if Loewen and Coast Supply can help you achieve your project goals and maybe even a few dreams! Until then, you can browse through our online project gallery, where you’ll see some of the beautiful windows we installed in our clients’ homes, and hopefully yours in the future, too!