The Greatest Collection of Oak Floors in California

The Greatest Collection of European

Oak Floors in California


At the Coast Supply showroom in Carpinteria, we carry the best and most extensive collection of European oaks under one roof in California, possibly the country (and that’s not an exaggeration.)

Why can we say that? Because our owner travels the world looking to source the finest European oak materials possible.

Because of the European regions where our wood is harvested (or reclaimed) in, how those wood selections are cut, and what stains are used so that the true character and color of each unique wood piece comes out. 


European Oak Collection at Coast Supply Showroom


What is European Oak?

Many suppliers advertise their materials as ‘Premium European’ oaks, when in reality, they are lesser quality woods from Siberia sent to China for lamination. We, on the other hand, carry the most European oaks harvested out of northern Europe––particularly from Normandy, France (the same place the best oak wine barrels come from). Here we find the best forests, oldest groves, and tightest rings to make the high quality oak floors we carry in our showroom. 

Europeans have a special technique of cutting their oak called live-sawn milling. Live-sawn lumber is produced by cutting each plank straight off the log in one direction, resulting in a beautiful, wide display of the entire log’s grain. This cutting method produces the most desirable and aesthetic flooring option, suitable for any and every home. Then, reactive stains are used to interact with the wood’s natural tannins, bringing out the oak’s true character and color and resulting in unique wood pieces you won’t be able to find anywhere else.


European Oak Variety at Coast Supply Showroom


We’ve got the best of the best.

We’re like those old salty sailors traveling the world. We have looked long and hard for this stuff. While researching a trip to France, we found the highest quality wood flooring broker in the world. We are currently negotiating with him and working on getting samples of his wood to our showroom––some newly grown, some reclaimed. We’re excited to get our hands on what we think is the best wood in the world, and hopefully you will too!

From the oak tree to your new floor, it’s a hands-on approach. We know our product well, and we want to curate your flooring experience. Our samples are 3 feet by 8 feet––that’s 24 square feet! Twenty times bigger than a sample you would be shown at a typical flooring store. We pull as many of these samples as you’d like to see, and you can lay them down, touch them, walk on them––whatever you want! Our goal is for you to fall in love with that floor, especially if it’ll end up covering 3,000 square feet of your home.


Olive Mill White Oak Flooring by Coast Supply Co.


We’re here for you.

We want you to make the ultimate decision, but we’re here for you if you need any consultation, whether that’s advice about what color floor will go with your walls or which brand will best fit your budget. Completing one million square feet last year, we are a trusted partner with over 50 local builders across the Central Coast. Come on by our showroom sometime and browse through the best and most extensive collection you’ll find under one roof in California. We know and love our European oak floors, and we know you’ll fall in love with them too. 


Coast Supply European Oak Floors Showroom