Heavy for its size

Heavy for its Size

One day Coast Supply owner, Ryan Reed, was picking oranges from his backyard tree with his friend Dave, a pastor and missionary. Ryan noticed Dave kept picking the best and juiciest oranges. Finally, he asked, “How do you keep finding the best ones?” Dave replied, “You need to find the ones that are heavy for their size, full of juice.”

Ryan loved the way that sounded, “heavy for its size,” and he never forgot it. When he formed Coast Supply, he made sure that principle was one of the core values behind everything we do.


Coast Supply Co. is an active and generous supporter in our community. We see it as both a blessing and our core mission and purpose to give back to others.

Coast Supply is an active and generous supporter of the following nonprofit organizations in our community:

We believe in the importance of investing in our local schools.

We are also proud to support these vendors in all of our stores that also
support the marginalized and disenfranchised.

Core Values


 1. Honor God and Honor People

More importantly than what we stand for as a company is what impact we make in our community. We see it as a privilege to serve others. We hold the conviction that God has blessed us to be a blessing to those in need around us. 


 2. Heavy for its Size

Just because we sell high-quality products doesn’t mean they cost you more. It just means we’ve been in the business for a long time, know the best products and vendors, and are happy to pass that knowledge and value onto you. We want you to be really happy that you worked with us. 


 3. Have Fun

We are serious about what we do while never taking ourselves seriously. It takes a lot of machines to run a business, but none of them should be people. We work together, support each other, and remember to laugh along the way.

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